About Us

About Us

WKS is an In-House marketing and promotional company based in South Florida and our reach encompasses the entire state.  We are the link between you the supplier and your ultimate customer, the retail consumer.  We specialize in new-product launch and promotion and our goal is to brand your label and expand your consumer base. Over the past five years, we have proven ourselves to become the most effective at doing just that.

WKS has become the go-to In-House Marketing company and is the promotional company of choice by numerous importers, distributors, and producers.  See our client list.

Wine is where we got our start, but since then we have expanded into the introduction and promotion of spirits, beer, coffees, teas, juices, and energy drinks.


WKS stimulates sales primarily through hand-selling and promoting wine and spirits for producers, importers, brokers, and distributors. We have helped launch numerous new labels and have proven to be extremely effective in the Membership-Driven Wholesale-Club space. Along with the introduction of new products, we are also effective at giving a sales lift to numerous others whose sales have stagnated or have lost the interest of the consumer.

WKS realizes that it is no easy task for a supplier to get a new label into a retail establishment. As great as the wine or spirit may be, without professional representation, the label can be easily overlooked and can preclude the possibility of additional SKUs being accepted by the retailer.

WKS Brand-Ambassadors on all levels. We maintain a staff of seasoned, well-trained professionals who engage the customer and sell your product consultatively, ultimately heightening customer awareness of your label.

WKS takes pride in the relationships they have developed with management on the store-level. The General Managers and Supervisors all recognize that WKS adheres to the policies and procedures of their stores to ensure absolute customer satisfaction.

WKS will structure a campaign for your product based upon your needs and your budget. Our efforts have consistently proven to dramatically ignite sales resulting in not only additional orders, but larger and more frequent orders. We work for results and we get the job done.

The numbers speak for themselves.