Our Services

WKS is the link between the supplier and their customer.

We specialize in launching, branding, re-branding and expanding your consumer base. In simple terms, we introduce new products to the customer, and sometimes we re-introduce brands that may need a lift.

WKS represents a team of professional specialists who understand the dynamics of the wholesale clubs, supermarkets, wine and spirits stores, as well as on-premise businesses.

We get your brand noticed and more importantly, purchased.

Hence our name WKS which stands for We Know Sales.

We select, train, and manage highly qualified wine & spirits specialists to help our clients increase sales through the following services:

  • Tasting Programs – Wet Tastings, “Dry Tastings” (Hand-Selling)
  • Sales Promotions
  • Brand Advocacy
  • Special Events & Trade Shows
  • Social Media Support
  • In-House Sales
  • Hand-Selling
  • New Product Launch